• Cost – its over $1100 to get to a full stage of license
  • No practical testing here in Central Hawke’s Bay have to drive over 45 minutes to testing sites
  • Many people don’t have legal vehicles or licensed drivers to teach them


The realities:

  • Vital for employment and accessing opportunities within community
  • 62% of people who enter the justice system because of driving offense
  • MSD, CORRECTIONS, POLICE, COURT – common denominator is that many people do not have a full clean license
  • 32 deaths on HB roads in 2021 – 34% of them did not have full or appropriate license


We target:

  • All high school students in CHB​
  • Those not engaged in employment or training (NEETS)​
  • Anyone on a benefit​
  • Those stuck in justice system​
  • Low income whānau that don’t have access to resources needed​
  • Large employers that have a social conscience and see a full license as a benefit to their employees​